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DIY systems

The following are alternatives to a professionally installed system.They are mostly deemed DIY systems that are widely available to the general public which can save money on installation costs. The following systems in this section are showcased due to their availability and positive reviews at Amazon by the general public.

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Ring doorbell.jpg

The Ring doorbell can be completely wireless and acts as both a doorbell and a CCTV camera. When the button is pressed, you are notified via your smartphone app where you can have a 2 way conversation with a live video stream.


Other features include motion detection which can then save footage directly to a cloud. If you want the function of being able to save and access footage via the Ring cloud then there is a monthly subscription which is calculated per connected device.


The Ring Floodlight Cam is a all in one mains powered security light and CCTV WiFi camera. View live footage of your property with the ability to receive video Notifications which can be sent to your smartphone or the cloud. The security light can turned on and off via the App as well as triggering a built in siren. 


The TP-Link Casa Smart Bulb can be connected directly to your WiFi and then controlled from your smartphone App. The home security advantages of this is that lights can be turned on and off from anywhere which is particularly useful if your property is empty for extended periods of time.

The TP-Link WiFi plug works exactly like the above. Lamps can be plugged in and controlled from anywhere. Alternatively why not plug in your coffee machine and set time parameters within the App for when the device is powered.


Sannce 4 channel 1080p CCTV system. This system is a very basic DIY system but is worth a mention because of its cost and customer reviews.

Don't expect the same quality as a professionally installed system but if you are a DIY'er on a budget then its worth considering.

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