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Controlling and Monitoring your Security System.

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Controlling and Monitoring your Security System is now easier and more cost effective than ever. Receive notifications on your smartphone if your Security Alarm System is activated. With the smartphone app, you are notified immediately with details of which detectors were activated.

Add a CCTV camera to your system for visual verification.

When you are notified of an Alarm activation, have the ability to view CCTV footage using the same app. Scroll back through your recorded footage to when your alarm was activated. By doing this you are able to satisfy yourself as to the cause of the activation and the appropriate action to take.

The smartphone app also gives you the option of saving video clips directly into your phone camera roll.

One App, multiple sites.

Add multiple alarm systems and CCTV cameras to the same account. This gives you the ability to control, view and monitor multiple sites in different locations.

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