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Hikvision 5MP Colorvu 

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Here are some more pictures from a recent CCTV installation, using Hikvisions 5MP Colorvu range of cameras.

The following images show how they are capable of providing vibrant colourful images at night instead of the standard black & white normally provided by most cameras.

By zooming in on the image of the vehicle using the smartphone app, the number plate can easily be identified.

The CCTV image below was captured at midnight. The only light source the carpark receives is that from the street so is normally very dark at this time of night.

This area of the building has zero light and at this time of night you would struggle to see absolutely anything. The new Colorvu CCTV cameras create a lighted area therefore creating a colour image. Standard CCTV cameras would produce a black & white image.

Again, this area is covered by a blanket of darkness at midnight with no lighting provided other than that provided by the Colorvu CCTV camera.

This is a area in which vandalism has occurred due to its remote dark setting. The user of the CCTV system has the option to receive push notifications via their smartphone by utilising either the motion detection or line crossing technology that their new system has to offer.

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