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Hikvision Video Doorbell

Below are pictures of a recently installed Hikvision Video Doorbell.

For those familiar with the Ring range of doorbell, It is very similar apart from a few features which give it the edge.

Hikvision Vs Ring

This Hikvision doorbell is hard wired into its own plugged in power supply instead of being powered by a rechargeable battery. This removes the need of having to remove and charge batteries meaning less operational down time and inconvenient physical maintenance.

This Hikvision doorbell is connected to the Internet via a cable to the customers router. It is then networked to their CCTV system where footage is stored locally on their recorder.

The owner is then able to view live or recorded footage of their doorbell and CCTV cameras via their mobile phone. They are also alerted and able to have a 2 way audio/visual conversation when the doorbell is pressed by a visitor.

Unlike Ring doorbells there are no costly monthly Storage Plans needed to access recordings.

This Hikvision installation is operated via a free to use app with footage stored on the customers recorder.

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