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Video Doorbells.

Here is a bit of information regarding the different video doorbells which are on the market and how they compare to each other.

Video doorbells have suddenly became popular and provide a great level of security. They offer the convenience of being able to communicate and view the comings and goings of visitors. They are also often ideally situated to capture CCTV footage of the main access point of your home and vehicles, at head height, which gives a clearer view of visitors.

There are different types of video doorbells and manufactures. Below is a list of the main differences to consider when choosing a doorbell:

Battery powered Vs Cabled Power

Some video doorbells come with a detachable battery pack which is unclipped and charged using a phone style charger. Increasingly, video doorbells are now able to utilise existing doorbell cabling to power the unit. Cabled power is more convenient as there is no need to unplug and charge battery packs. This ensures the doorbell is powered 24 hours a day. Also, by utilising the doorbell wiring, existing doorbell chimes will ring in your home as they do with a traditional doorbell. If a traditional door chime is not installed then notifications of a visitor will be via your smart phone.

Free Access to footage Vs Monthly Subscription

This is mostly down to how recordings are stored. Some video doorbells use cloud storage to access recordings and events which carry a chargeable monthly subscription. Other Video doorbells have no monthly fee or contracts. This is because they allow recordings to be saved to a dedicated micro sd card or to compatible CCTV recorders.

Below are examples of video doorbells and how they differ:

Ring Video doorbell Plus 3

  • 2 Mega Pixel Camera (1080p)

  • Removable, rechargeable battery or powered using existing doorbell cables.

  • Wifi transmission of footage.

  • £2.50 per month subscription per device to view recordings via Ring cloud.

  • No micro SD card slot

  • Accessible via smartphone app.

Ezviz DB1 Video Doorbell

  • 3 Mega Pixel Camera

  • Powered using existing doorbell cables.

  • Wifi transmission of footage.

  • No monthly subscriptions (footage saved to micro sd card or networked via WiFi to CCTV recorder). Optional cloud storage subscription available.

  • Micro SD slot available

  • Accessible via smartphone App.

Hikvision Door Station

Is a more substantial system which can be used like the above video doorbells but can also be used as an access control system, operating electronically locked doors and gates.

The indoor station above can be wall or desk mounted and used to view all of your CCTV cameras and compatible video doorbell.

Video is stored locally, with access and control via wall mounted touch screens or via smartphone/tablets.

Video Doorbell & Indoor Station

For more information, advise or a free quote please get in touch.

Tel: 07549016685

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1 Comment

Chris Gaffaney
Chris Gaffaney
Dec 09, 2023

I had a fantastic experience with Local Locksmith Charlotte company for my video doorbell installation. The technicians were friendly, skilled, and completed the job promptly. The added security and convenience the doorbell brings are invaluable.

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