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Wireless External PIR detector

Pyronix External PIR

We have now starting fitting External detectors which are a great way of protecting your home, especially for those concerned about car key theft.

With the steep rise of break ins whilst homeowners are at home, it has become even more important to detect intruders before entering the property.

How it works?

DCI security install a system with the ability of setting different Areas.

Smartphone Alarm System App
Pyronix ProControl+

In this instance Area C is for the setting of the External PIR only, usually when the homeowner is in. The purpose of this detector is for the user to monitor any movement that occurs where their cars are parked. The External Pir is programmed so that when movement is detected, a silent alarm status is triggered with a smartphone notification sent to the user.

This detector has been in operation for 3 weeks without a single false alarm. Strategically placed, this single detector covers the side alley, front door and 2 cars on a driveway of a detached house.

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